Talent Search and Selection process and consultancy

Good understanding of a client and their requirements are essential for suggesting the right talent and productivity. In order to ensure delivery as per requirement, we follow a proven process....

  • Clarifying and understand Job
  • Out line the Search Process
  • Pool the potential talent
  • Qualifying Candidates
  • Screen, scan and Interview to shortlist the pool
  • Suggest the Right talent
  • Reference and Credential Checking
  • Coordinate the Selection, Offer, and Acceptance.
  • Follow-up

The briefing marks the lines on which the search cycle is conducted. We maintain close contact with our client throughout the search procedure to ensure exact match to their requirements. As required, the recruitment tools are used to attract the available matching talent in the industry.

Thanks to our team of recruiters and back office in entire process of recruitment using our existing data, contact, networking, headhunting etc. The trained team ensures the right man for the right job.